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"They have demolition program's continuous today and might administer this program alongside theirs doing really similar workit is our sense that we could utilize their existing application process and their existing staffing capability to administer a program like this, once again, paralleling what they already do." Baldwin stated the flood demolition program the workgroup is talking about would focus on tasks beginning with the 2016 flood that didn't get funding through the Federal Emergency Management Company or through the U.S.

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It would also concentrate on demolitions for flooding given that 2016 all throughout the state. Scott Mandirola, deputy cabinet secretary for DEP, stated the Worn out Structures Program would be a perfect suitable for a flood demolition program. The $10 million pilot program was moneyed by the Legislature this year and slated to begin next month in 22 communities throughout the state.

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The next step for the workgroup is attempting to figure out how much ARPA financing is suitable for a flood demolition program. Mandirola thinks DEP can use existing data to help determine how much financing would be needed. "We think we have actually gathered a significant amount of details from all 55 counties and all municipalities in the state," Mandirola said.

We started to put a database together. Since that time, we have actually reached back out and pulled in extra information. From that, we can find out roughlyhow much it ought to cost per structure, whether it be business or residential." Lawmakers will stay in Charleston through Tuesday unless a special session beginning Monday requires legislators to stay longer.

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